Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hmmmm...where to go with this...

Well, I've decided that I'm going to put an effort into a website. This blog seems like a good place to start. So now, what do I do?

Some of you may remember that a few years back I had one of the first/top websites for downloading ringers and pictures to your Sprint phone when Sprint rolled out their Vision service. Well, I got lazy and let it slowly die. I want to keep that from happening again.

So, here are some of the subjects I've thought about concentrating on:

IT - I could blog about my daily struggles as an IT Manager. Perhaps posting problems/solutions/systems that I work with daily like the SonicWALL Spam Filter solution I just installed or the new Anti Virus Protection software I just rolled out.

Tech - being a technology/gadget junkie, I could blog about the things I tend to research to death. One week it could be about the pain I'm going through getting a new DirecTV HD DVR we got for our satellite, the new Samsung i760 PDA phone I've been wanting to buy, or why I didn't buy an iPhone.

Photos - I've been thinking about publishing some of my favorite photos (that I've taken) in differing resolutions to be used at computer wallpaper. Don't let the examples below serve as a sample...those were taken w/ a crappy camera phone. I've got a couple of great examples I took in Chicago's Millenium Park.

Virus/Spyware - Perhaps I could post a How-To on the removal of viruses and spyware. Or perhaps how to clean up an old PC full of junk software.

Ask a Geek - My buddy calls me Google Man. He seems to think I have this uncanny ability to find anything on the web. While I'm sure the title is a bit over-stated, I have to admit that I do have a talent for finding answers. So, if my geekiness isn't strong enough to answer the question right off the top of my head, I'm usually pretty good at finding the answer somehow. Perhaps this could be a blog answering questions people have e-mailed me.

I have several other thoughts floating around. Perhaps I'll publish a couple of sites. Guess we'll see how it goes.

I hope people will begin to comment and vote in the poll on the right. Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Rose DesRochers said...

Looking forward to reading your blog. I think you should go with the Photos. :)


Rose said...

By the way I'm Google Woman.