Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Amazon has DRM free MP3s!!!!

Did you know that Amazon sold MP3s??? Until a friend from Church mentioned it recently, I had no idea. I had pretty much resolved that I wouldn't buy or download any more MP3s until there were a) more high quality options and b) more DRM free options.

Apple started doing this with iTunes recently, but the selection was pitiful and the prices were higher. However, Amazon not only offers a larger selection, but they offer it all @ 256 kbps, DRM free, and for cheaper than iTunes. Popular songs are $.89 and all others are $.99. Albums start at $5.99 and go up to $9.99. iTunes has responded by dropping their prices, but I say too little too late guys. Amazon is getting my $.89

I have been a bit disappointed when looking for certain artists, but I'm sure it will improve over time. I read that Amazon launched with 2 million tracks from both Universal Music Group and EMI. These are 2 of the "Big Four" music publishers with hints from Warner Music Group that more DRM free music may be on the way. Amazon currently shows 2,467,065 MP3 song results. With the iPod being the industry standard music player, the only way to get your music on your iPod other than iTunes is by using DRM free MP3s. This fact will continue to push the music publishers to a DRM free model.

While writing this article, I figured I might as well have a link for you guys to check it out, so check it out below. The link directly below and the one in the right hand column will both take you directly to the MP3 section of Amazon.

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